About Bru Youth Services

Bru Youth Service is a voluntary youth organisation.
We work with young people aged 10-24 from Crumlin and Walkinstown.

Who We Are

Bru Youth Service is a voluntary youth organisation. We work with young people aged 10-24 from Crumlin and Walkinstown. The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) fund the service. The City of Dublin Youth Service Board (CDYSB) administer these funds. We also host a Garda Youth Diversion Project. The Irish Youth Justice Service (IYJS) fund this project. Our work focuses on those young people in the community that are most in need of a service.

A voluntary Board of Management manages Bru Youth Service and employs:

  • 2 Full-Time Youth Workers,
  • 2 Part-Time Youth Workers
  • a Project Leader,
  • a Financial Administrator,
  • and a Porter.


Bru Youth Diversion Project employs

  • 2 Youth Justice Workers,
  • and a Project Co-Ordinator.


We also have a C.E worker, sessional workers, volunteers and students on placement. We place huge value on volunteers who give their time to work with young people. We commit to continuous improvement through training and development. We do this to help improve our interactions with young people and the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality youth work that empowers young people to achieve better outcomes
(for themselves, their families and their community)

Our Vision

Young people who are valued

Young people who have self belief

Young people who have a voice

Young people who reach their potential within their families and the community


In Bru Youth Service we believe that young people need to be at the center of all we do. We are committed to a young person centered approach.

We describe our practice as follows:
Youth work is an essential tool for social justice. It can challenge inequalities, exclusion and discrimination. Thus we see ourselves as active agents of change. We hold a passion and a vision for young people to live in a fair, just and caring society.

When we identify the needs of the young people we need to take risks and show courage in the responses we offer them. We commit to being brave, diligent and resourceful when creating opportunities for them. Our life experience, culture and backgrounds enrich our work. This celebrates the diversity within the young people. Our skills, knowledge and experiences allow us

  • empathise with young people,
  • show leadership
  • and inspire them.

We are honest, true and respectful while building relationships with young people. We commit to truthful communication with the young people. We reflect on our work to remain relevant to their needs.


Bru Youth Service was established in 2008. It aimed to work with young people from Crumlin and Walkinstown. A group of local volunteers identified the need for a youth work organisation. They campaigned over many years for a dedicated youth facility. They wanted young people to engage in developmental activities in a safe space . Today, Bru Youth Service has:

  • 5 full time employees,
  • 2 part time,
  • Tus and CE workers
  • a dedicated team of volunteers

Everybody in BRU Youth Service is working to provide a quality youth service to young people. This is a testament to the history of the building and the many great people who have contributed to its development and success.

Before 2008, the building had been a local youth club run by volunteers and has been in existence since 1971. The youth club is still running today and continues to provide a safe setting for young people. It’s called Bru Crumlin Youth Club. You can drop in to them on Monday evenings between 7:30-9pm for more information.